Friday, March 2, 2012

Join Zurker Now, Thank Me Later

Most of us have accounts on multiple Social Media platforms. Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus… the list is extensive and growing. The popularity of these sites is based their ability to keep their users in touch with family, friends and colleagues. They help us to connect with people who inspire and motivate us. They guide us to make better informed buying decisions based on peer reviews and the experiences of others.

Companies that don’t listen to what’s being said about them or engage in the conversation are dinosaurs and social media is the meteor that will bring about their extinction. Generation Y aren’t interested in advertising, they stay informed and find everything they need via mobile apps connected to their favorite social media platforms.

For most of us, regardless of who we are or what we do, social media enriches our daily lives. Indeed, some people now spend more time on Social media sites than watching TV. Some of these social platforms have grown to become multi-billion dollar behemoths and they are getting richer by the second selling user data to advertisers.

Do We Need Another Social Media Platform? Do We Need Zurker?

Although Zurker might be new to you, industry experts are predicting that it could be a complete game changer for social media platforms. Google stole the market from under the feet of its competitors by being innovative. Zurker may be poised to do the exact same to its counterparts.

Facebook’s Timeline was forced upon users even though a poll by opinion site SodaHead pointed out that a massive 70% of Facebook users didn't like it or want it. This is typical of how many websites are developed, not just social media platforms. Developers push technology to provide widgets and gizmos that do all nature of things. Why? Because they the can, not because their latest hoojamaflip is remotely useful, wanted or even needed.

This stands in stark contrast to the way Zurker is being developed. Rather than force changes that users have no option other than to accept and adapt to, Zurker listens to the ideas and feedback of its members to guide future developments.

It’s a democracy not a dictatorship.

Click here to join Zurker.

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