Friday, March 2, 2012

Promoting Zurker In The UK

If you are new to Zurker UK, and aren’t we all, you may be unaware that vShares will not be allocated if you recruit a user from outside the UK. Although you will still be credited with the sign-up, no vShares are going to come your way.

If you are actively promoting Zurker UK as a unique Social media platform and to build equity, it makes sense to think about the sites or blogs you choose to invite new members. For example, content farms like HubPages and Squidoo are great places to publish articles that promote Zurker and place your invitation code. The trust and authority search engines award these sites have made it possible gain search engine rankings in the short term. However, the users of these sites predominantly reside outside the UK.

Join Zurker Now, Thank Me Later

Most of us have accounts on multiple Social Media platforms. Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus… the list is extensive and growing. The popularity of these sites is based their ability to keep their users in touch with family, friends and colleagues. They help us to connect with people who inspire and motivate us. They guide us to make better informed buying decisions based on peer reviews and the experiences of others.