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What’s so different about Zurker? Why is everyone talking about it? It’s just another social networking site, right?

Wrong, Zurker is completely different from any other social network in existence today. It’s a democracy that’s devolved the running of the network to its members. When you join Zurker you become an owner and as such have a say in the decisions that will shape Zurker in the future.

Zurker isn’t financed by deep pocketed Venture Capitalists (VCs) rather its finances come from a unique form of crowd-funding that allows members to invest modest amounts. Zurker is financed and steered by every day folks like you and me. The philosophy driving Zurker is both radical and refreshing: let the members decide what’s best for them.

“At Zurker, we believe that if our members own the project, they will enthusiastically contribute ideas and feedback, allowing the Zurker development team to develop the social application most in tune with what people actually want.”

Staking your claim

To become a Zurker co-owner all you need do is become a member and invite a few friends to join. By referring new members you are allocated virtual shares, referred to as vShares in Zurkish, one vShare is earned for each member referred. When 1,000,000 vShares have been allocated to UK members, Zurker will be incorporated as a public company and vShares converted to real shares.

Join Zurker UK Now

At present membership to Zurker UK is by invite only. Once you become a member you can invite as many of your friends as you want. So here is your invite to join and help develop a completely different kind social media platform.

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