Friday, March 2, 2012

Promoting Zurker In The UK

If you are new to Zurker UK, and aren’t we all, you may be unaware that vShares will not be allocated if you recruit a user from outside the UK. Although you will still be credited with the sign-up, no vShares are going to come your way.

If you are actively promoting Zurker UK as a unique Social media platform and to build equity, it makes sense to think about the sites or blogs you choose to invite new members. For example, content farms like HubPages and Squidoo are great places to publish articles that promote Zurker and place your invitation code. The trust and authority search engines award these sites have made it possible gain search engine rankings in the short term. However, the users of these sites predominantly reside outside the UK.

I am not suggesting you ignore these types of website, however, when you visit Zurker to check your referrals be prepared to see many of them labeled as International. Although each lost referral represents a successful conversion, the only reward to you is the notification of a job well done. As much as I am in favor of spreading the good word about Zurker, a few more vShare’s for my time would be much appreciated.

I must admit when I first saw international appearing alongside my referred members I was disheartened. It took a full 24 hours for the reason behind this to sink in and the real benefit to come to light.

First off Zurker UK has a total 1,000,000 free vShares to distribute amongst investors and owners. The same is true for Zurker US, Zurker Canada etc. If we were to be awarded vShares for signing up someone from the US for example, that would be one less share available to members of Zurker US. Similarly, if an someone located in the US signed up via Zurker UK, that would represent one less vShare available to Zurker UK’s owners and investors.

Each countries allocation of free vShare’s is ring-fenced so that only residents of that country can own them. This is a good thing, there are many, many more Americans actively marketing Zurker than there are Brits and it protects our pie from being nibbled away by friendly competition.

To maximize your efforts look for sites that are targeting UK users. For example if you want to find uk websites that are talking about Zurker UK search on Google for: Zurker UK

This is an advanced Google search will limit results to pages from domains that contain the words Zurker and UK. The search has two parts, restricts results to a subset of pages within domains. The second part, Zurker UK, is the keyphrase to be searched within the subset. Note however, when this search is used as described above it will return pages that contain Zurker and UK even if they appear in different locations of the page. “Zurker UK”

By enclosing Zurker UK in quotes you will force an exact match search so that only pages that contain both words together will be returned. You can change the target keyphrase to whatever you want in order to find sites or blogs that will allow you to contribute content in some way and raise the visibility of your Zurker sign-up page or any other marketing material you might be using to promote Zurker.

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